6 times Bill Murray made the real world a much cooler place

(image: Sony Pictures)

(image: Sony Pictures)

Bill ‘the man, the myth, the Murray’ Murray, star of both Lost in Translation and our hearts, gets up to some awesome stuff whilst he’s out just living his life.

We love him. He’s the uncle we always wanted and the friend we pretend to have.

Here are six great examples of Bill Murray doing Bill Murray stuff:

1. You’re in a karaoke bar, you’re warbling, you’re just living your life then BOOM, IN COMES MURRAY.

Bill Murray Karaoke

(via The Chive)

Not only that, he joins in. With you. You and Bill Murray are duetting and suddenly life makes sense.

2. Then there’s that time Bill Murray started tending bar at the South by Southwest festival.

It’s Bill Murray. It’s at SXSW. It’s all generally very cool.

3. Bill Murray hates signing autographs. Is it because he’s too famous and he hates you? No. It’s because they’re not personal enough. Instead, Murray will offer to film a slow motion movie intro with you and a few of your closest friends.

4. Okay, we don’t have real life action footage of this one, but apparently Bill Murray drove a golf cart down the streets of Stockholm.

And by ‘apparently’ we mean Bill Murray says he did it. And no-one questions the Murray.

5. According to Kelly Lynch, every time Bill Murray sees the movie Road House he calls her husband, Mitch Glazer, and tells him he’s watching her getting dirty with Patrick Swayze.

Road House

(image: United Artists)

6. You’re having your bachelor party, all of your friends are there, you’re preparing for what should ostensibly be the happiest day of your life so far when SUDDENLY: BILL MURRAY.

Bill Murray crashes this guy’s bachelor party and gives a speech, leaving the wedding day a lot to live up to.

Have you ever met Bill Murray? Did he crash your brother’s Bar Mitzvah or something? Tell us your favourite real-life Murray Tale in the comments below.

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