Video: This is what the average Doctor Who’s face looks like

The average doctor who

(image: Dave Clipson/YouTube)

With Peter Capaldi’s debut on BBC’s flagship show Doctor Who, there will now have been 13 actors to play The Doctor on-screen. That means 13 incarnations of the character, with 13 different faces.

YouTube user Dave Clipson wondered what would happen if he blended together all their faces. Would he arrive at the true face of The Doctor?

Merging images of every Doctor from William Hartnell to Capaldi, Clipson has deciphered what the average Doctor would look like. He takes his viewers through the process step-by-step, lending this pointless task the kind of thoroughness we’ve come to expect from the internet.

So it seems that the average Doctor is a man with a weird helmet of felt-like hair.

The average doctor who

(image: Dave Clipson/YouTube)

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