“The Bane Legacy”: New Releases Monday 3rd December 2012

Fresh off the digital presses on straight onto our virtual shelves, here’s the breakdown of this week’s new releases on blinkbox!

The Dark Knight Rises
Perhaps the most anticipated sequel ever arrives this week and like a true Christmas miracle, it manages to meet most of its fans’ ridiculously high expectations. When super-villain Bane (Tom Hardy) threatens to destroy all of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is forced to take up the cape and cowl for one last time. Bale is rejoined by the ever reliable Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman with the addition of Anne Hathaway, who cuts a very appealing figure as a distinctly feline thief. If you haven’t seen this already: why not?

The Bourne Legacy
Matt Damon might be out, but Jeremy Renner is in as Aaron Cross, a clandestine agent who is very similar to (but legally distinct from) Jason Bourne. When the CIA’s secrets are on the verge of being discovered, government hatchet man Edward Norton is called in to bury all evidence, including our man Cross. Can the Bourne franchise survive without its title character? The answer to that question lies within this film.

New Year’s Eve
A sequel-of-sorts to 2010’s Valentine’s Day, this film from Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall is a patchwork quilt of romantic vignettes revolving around the preparations for New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple. The film’s big draw is its expansive cast that includes Robert DeNiro, Zac Efron, Halle Berry and at least another dozen famous faces. The film may have been slammed by the critical community with broadcaster Mark Kermode naming it ‘the worst film of the year’. On the flip side, customer reviews on Amazon were much kinder: “Very nice, easy, enjoyable film filled with celebrities from start to finish.” Make of this what you will.

Dawn Rider
Nominally a remake of a John Wayne Western, this straight-to-video stars Christian Slater as a man on the hunt for his father’s killer. From the look of the trailer, you shouldn’t be expecting too much subtlety or character work but Slater is always a solid leading man, even when he’s relegated to these low-budget features. On top of that, you’ve also got a supporting turn from Donald Sutherland as a man with a terribly unconvincing beard.

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