Video: Steven Moffat talks about casting Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor in BBC's Doctor Who Series 8

(image: BBC)

It’s only a few short weeks until we get our first full look at Peter Capaldi as the new star of Doctor Who. As you might imagine, we can hardly contain our excitement.

Now, we can all remember that live BBC special announcing Capaldi’s casting as the twelfth doctor. However, in this new video from the BBC, we now get to hear the story told by the man who made the big decision: show-runner Steven Moffat.

According to Moffat, Capaldi was always his first choice after Matt Smith made his decision to leave the show. After picking some out other possible candidates, he asked his fellow writer Mark Gatiss to put together his own list of potential Doctors.

‘I asked him “could you make a list of people you think should be The Doctor?” And right on top of his list, with a space below him before the other names, was Peter Capaldi.’

Seeing how Gatiss and Moffat were the people who brought us Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson, we’re looking at two people with a pretty good sense of casting.

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