Someone created the world of ‘Futurama’ in wonderful 3D

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

As a lovely piece of eye candy to cap off the week, we’ve discovered this demo footage of the skyline from the Futurama title sequence, rendered in gorgeous 3D.

This is the work of Alexey Zakharov, a Russian graphic illustrator and animator. For a while, he’s been posting pictures and videos of his virtual New New York: complete with transport tubes, Slurm ads and his beautifully rendered version of the Planet Express ship.

Alexey Zakharov 3

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

“She’s a beautiful ship, alright. Shapely, seductive. I’m gonna fly her brains out!”

– Zapp Brannigan

Alexey Zakharov 4

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

“No one in New York drove. There was too much traffic.”

– Fry

Alexey Zakharov 2

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

“Look, I don’t know about your previous captains, but I intend to do as little dying as possible.”

– Leela

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

(image: Alexey Zakharov)

If someone were to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a full-length version of that clip, we’re going to be first in line to donate!

via The Escapist

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