Sheen and Lohan's Close Encounter in 'Scary Movie 5' Trailer

Here’s good news for the remaining fans of the Scary Moviefranchise: the trailer for the 5th entry has dropped and it contains peeks at the kind of spoofs, gross-out jokes and cameos you can expect from the upcoming movie.

It looks to contain as many non sequitur appearances from B-list celebs: Snoop Dogg Lion rocks up and gets kicked in the nuts and Charlie Sheen is found in bed with Lindsay Lohan before he gets his junk mashed by a door.

The story will undoubtedly make no sense, seeing as how it will be assembled from pastiches of recent films like Mama, Paranormal Activity and The Hunger Games. It also seems to joyfully rip-off the upcoming Evil Dead remake, which isn’t even released until next month! This leads us to think that this isn’t a satire at all as a much it’s a cynical attempt to cash in on popular films! How dare they besmirch the reputation of Scary Movie with this sort of behaviour!

The best piece of news, however, is that the talented Anna Faris managed to get out being in this sequel. She’s was seemingly forced to appear in every other Scary Movie since 2000 — a curse she has now passed on to Ashley Tisdale, who will henceforth be know asĀ  ‘that poor girl’.

Scary Movie 5 will hit UK cinemas 12 April. Book your tickets now!

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