We put out a fire at the ‘Planes 2: Fire and Rescue’ junket!

The Planes 2: Fire and Rescue Junket at Redhill Aerodrome

(image: Disney)

Before most major films get their big release here, studios will usually hold what’s called a junket, in which journalists are given a few minutes with various people involved with the movie. If you’ve seen Notting Hill, you’ll remember the scene where Hugh Grant pretends he’s with Horse and Hound Magazine and has to interview a load of actors. That was set during a junket.

Usually they’re pretty dry affairs: just a bunch of nice rooms in a London hotel set up with lights. But in the case of Disney’s new film, Planes 2: Fire and Rescue, they wanted to do something a little different.

And that’s how we ended up in an airfield in Surrey interviewing producer Ferrell Barron and director Bobs Gannaway, before being shown how to put out a massive oil fire.

Check out the video

That’s Chelsea in the video. She normally handles all our Twitter and Facebook stuff,┬áso we thought it would be good to get her out of the office. She said that putting out that fire was ‘really hot’- but not in a Paris Hilton way.

For more on the movie, click here to read our review.

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue is in cinemas now

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