Peter Dinklage’s mullet is back, and now he has a laser gun too!

Peter Dinklage on the set of Pixels

(image via Reddit)

As we discovered recently, Peter Dinklage is no stranger to the ‘business in front/party out back‘ attitude . But for his next film, the Game of Thrones star is taking it to the next level.

Slated for release next year, Pixels sees Dinklage, Adam Sandler and Josh Gad as a group of video game enthusiasts. While regularly rejected from society, their skills are called into action when Earth gets invaded by alien creatures who have based themselves on video game characters from the 80s.

Seeing as how the film is being made by Home Alone director Chris Columbus, we assume they’ll be repelling the invaders with paint tins, bowling balls, marbles and BB Guns.

Here’s the first picture from the movie:

Michelle Monoghan, Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage in Pixels

(image: Columbia Pictures)

As one of these gamers, Peter Dinklage is rocking some serious mullet action. But wouldn’t it look better if he had a weapon or something? Perhaps a laser cannon of some variety…

Peter Dinklage in Pixels

(image via reddit)

There. Much better.

(via Reddit)

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