"Happy New Year!" New Releases Monday 31st December 2012

Berberian Sound Studio
No big studio pictures are being released this week but there are a number of small but great new films. First up is this chillingly effective mood piece starring top-notch British character actor Toby Jones. He plays Gilderoy, a meek English sound engineer working on a grizzly Italian horror film in the 1970s. As he finds himself confronted by his new European employers, he grows increasingly homesick. As he gets stuck deeper into his job, we find ourselves following him through a rabbit hole of confusion and madness. This is a very strange and terrifically unique film that might disappoint some viewers with its oblique attitude to narrative but it’s proven to be a hit with critics, cinephiles and true horror fans. So don’t watch this… that is unless you want to see something new and interesting.

Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot
From the reigning king of Scandinavian thrillers comes this Coen Brothers-flavoured thriller from Norway. When a group of low-life friends score a big win on football ticket, greed starts to get the better of them. And as greed turns to violence, things start to get very messy and complicated. The final result is this bloody, twisted and darkly funny movie. If you liked The Killing and last year’s excellent Headhunters, then there’s a good chance you’ll also dig Jackpot.

An Irish comedy-horror that was a hit on the festival circuit earlier this year, Grabbers sees a small island community under attack from enormous bloodsucking squid-things. When the local Gardaí discover that the creatures are allergic to alcohol, they decide that the only way for everyone to stay safe… is to stay completely hammered! Starring Richard Coyle (Coupling) and Russell Tovey (Being Human) alongside an ensemble Irish cast, Grabbers looks to be a funny crowd-pleasing movie.

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