New Releases 9 June 2014

(image: StudioCanal)

(image: StudioCanal)

Cuban Fury 

Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost plays Bruce, a 40 year-old man with an office job in one of those industrial parks that everyone loathes. A former teen Salsa champion (the dance, not the dip), he’s now reduced to being an overweight and lonely man that sits at home, eating Petits Filous in bulk. But when a new boss arrives in the form of beautiful American Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), Bruce’s passions are re-ignited: he’s determined to win her heart… through the medium of dance!

This is Frost’s first film as solo lead, and he acquits himself quite nicely. The humour is a lot less challenging that in his work with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, but that’s no bad thing. Plus, Chris O’Dowd is a lot of fun as his obnoxious work colleague.

Monuments Men New Releases

(image: 20th Century Fox)

The Monuments Men

George Clooney’s latest film falls squarely within his wheelhouse as a director and producer: an historically important story presented in rollicking Hollywood fashion. 

He plays George Stokes, a American art conservator and lecturer tasked with a seemingly suicidal task: heading into Nazi-occupied Europe after D-Day to prevent the Third Reich from destroying centuries of priceless artworks. Like some Danny Ocean of the art-preservation world, he goes about recruiting his top team of unlikely heroes, played by character actors like Matt Damon, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin (of The Artist), Lord Grantham, and Bill Murray. 

(image: Universal)

(image: Universal)

Lone Survivor (New to Rent)

Mark Wahlberg stars in this thrilling action movie set during the war on terror.

Four US Navy Seals are sent into Afghanistan on a mission. Accidentally discovered by a group of goatherds, they are faced with a moral quandary: kill the innocent bystanders to stop them from alerting the Taliban, or let them live and compromise the mission.

Based on an absolutely true story, Lone Survivor plays out a bit like Bravo Two Zero, with the chest thumping you’d expect from a Hollywood blockbuster. But with Wahlberg in the lead, you know you’re in for a quality action movie. We only have one gripe: the title’s a bit of a spoiler, right?

(image: StudioCanal)

(image: StudioCanal)

Robocop (New to Rent)

An update of the classic 80s film, this new Robocop certainly hasn’t lost its political edge. Set in a future where drone warfare has been taken to extreme degrees, injured policeman Alex Murphy has been turned into a law enforcement machine by a massive corporation.

Unless you grew up in a backwoods cult, you will have heard of Robocop.

This new version doesn’t have the dark, cutting humour of the original. However, it does deliver on the action in a big way, retaining the (un)emotional core of its beloved character.

(image: eOne)

(image: eOne)

Delivery Man (New to Rent)

Vince Vaughn is back on form with this concept comedy. He plays plays a middle-aged underachiever who discovers that -thanks to an administrative error at the fertility clinic- he is the biological father of over 500 kids. While not ready to come clean to his inadvertent off-spring, Vaughn decides to dip his toe into the parenting game by helping these kids out in secret. 

Based on a French-Canadian film by the same writer and director, Delivery Man is a unexpectedly warm film with a great supporting cast – including Chris Pratt, star ofThe Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy.

(image: Universal)

(image: Universal)

Endless Love

Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde star as the impossibly attractive leads in love story between a rich girl and a smouldering boy from the wrong side of the tracks. After her graduation from high school, they spark and begin a whirlwind romance.

This, as you might expect, doesn’t go over well with her snobby parents.

This is remake of a 1981 film of the same name, starring Brooke Shields. No: we don’t remember it either.

(image: Universal)

(image: Universal)

Last Vegas (New to Rent)

If Grudge Match is Rocky with old people, then this is The Hangover with geriatrics!

Michael Douglas plays Billy, a successful businessman about to marry a woman half his age (as successful entrepreneurs are wont to). As a last hurrah, his childhood friends whisk him off to Las Vegas for a stag weekend. This being an all-star comedy, his mates are played by Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.

As you might expect, their hedonistic shenanigans can only go so far before glaucoma and arthritis catches up with them!

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