Monster-filled ‘Pacific Rim’ sequel set for 2017

Pacific Rim sequel announced by Guillermo del Toro

(image: Warner Bros)

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro took to YouTube to announce a whole bunch of news on the Pacific Rim front.

Firstly, we can expect there to be more comic books and an animated series based on the monsters vs robots epic. But more importantly, del Toro dropped the bombshell that there will be a theatrical sequel to Pacific Rim.

Check out the vid:

While Pacific Rim was well-recieved by fans and critics last summer, it hardly set the box office on fire. In fact, it was the 34th highest-grossing movie in America in 2013, which is pretty low for a $190 million movie.

The likely reason there’s going to be a sequel at all is that the recent Godzilla reboot was such a smash hit. Warner Bros (who produces both franchises) will have seen this as an opportunity to make another lucrative Godzilla flick, rather than another opportunity to lose money on a well-respected director.

So what so you think? Are you excited to follow the continuing adventures of those characters whose names we’ve forgotten? Or let’s be honest, are you keen to see more giant things bash each other?

Let us know on the comments below.

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