Jeremy Renner tries not to ‘Kill the Messenger’

(image: Focus Features)

(image: Focus Features)

Jeremy Renner is a two-time academy award nominee, but he’s yet to be cast as Martin Freeman’s brother in anything. Are we the only people upset about this? The two of them are practically doppelgangers!

Anyway, here he is again on what seems like top form in the trailer for Kill the Messenger.

Kill the Messenger is based on the true story of Pulitzer Prize winning Gary Webb ( played by Renner) and his involvement in uncovering a CIA/cocaine conspiracy. The movie might not be directed by one of the big boys, but you could recognise Michael Cuesta’s name if you’re a fan of Homeland.

The trailer shows us everything we expect; it’s got a guy staring at a noticeboard full of investigative clues, an establishing shot of the White House, Renner in various stages of frustration, and a sweet moustache. All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty tidy thriller.

Kill the Messenger is in cinemas 28 November 2014

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