Introducing: blinkbox’s shiny new app for Xbox One


Change the way you experience blinkbox, with the brand new Xbox One app.

The boffins of blinkbox towers have been hard at work for the past few months. Taking all the things they learned from developing and using blinkbox on the Xbox 360, they’ve built this great new app from the ground up.

Using high definition images from the biggest films and best TV shows, the new graphically-led interface is incredibly intuitive and stunning to look at.


The new app isn’t just a looker, it’s also packed full of amazing new features made possible by the Xbox One.


The new app boasts combined search – so you won’t have to choose between looking for movies and TV anymore. We’ll just serve you the most relevant results, whether you’re looking for a hit film or your favourite box set.

It also makes use of Xbox One’s contextual help system, so you’ll be spending more time enjoying movies, and a lot less time searching for answers!


Plus we haven’t started talking about other cool things like voice command and user achievements!

If you have an Xbox One, download the free app right now!*

*or when you get home

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