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Hodor speaks: “I’d like to team up with Sarah Jessica Parker”


Chelsea, blinkbox’s lovely social media person, was lucky enough to sit down for a chat with actor Kristian Nairn at the London Film and Comic Con this past weekend. Best known the hulking stableboy Hodor on Game of Thrones,  he talked to us about all sorts of things: from strange fan requests to his World of Warcraft obsession.

When pushed on the subject of hypothetical Game of Thrones spin-offs, he suggested something that we would certainly want to see!

Check it out:

As you might expect, a lot of fans have asked to ride on his back in real. “Yeah. All the time at these [conventions]! I normally put a sticker down here that says ‘£5,000  for a carry’.”

“For charity!” he’s quick to add.

Has anyone taken him up on it yet? “Nope. [laughs] That’s why I set it too high!”

(image: HBO)

(image: HBO)

“I’d love to do a chick-flick with Hodor!” he said when asked about possible spin-off projects. “Something with Sarah Jessica… whats-her-name? I think we’d get on well: shopping together and looking at shoes. Hodor and the City.”

As it turns out, he’s a thoroughly delightful and unmistakably Irish man in real life! If you ever get to see him in real life, you should say hello.

Just don’t ask him to carry you (…unless you’re willing to fork over the money for charity).

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