Dame Helen Mirren totally ‘twerked’ on American TV

Helen Mirren twerking on Live with Kelly and Michael

(image: WABC)

In America to promote her new movie The Hundred-Foot Journey, Dame Helen Mirren made an appearance on the breakfast show Live! with Kelly and Michael.

After dispensing with minor chit-chat, the hosts played a YouTube clip that showed Dame Helen addressing Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Club. And by ‘addressing’, we mean ‘twerking on request’.

Check out the clip from the show.

Co-host Michael Strahan then goosed Mirren into twerking with him on live television. And seeing as how Strahan is a 255lb former NFL player who used to smash people for money, Mirren wisely agreed.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

We’re not sure how to process this.

It’s either the Greatest Thing Ever, or the moment when Britain lost its last lingering thread of dignity, thanks to our (fake) Queen shaking her caboose on telly.

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