Peter Capaldi scores in the latest trailer for ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

(image: BBC)


Last month, we saw an early teaser for the latest series of Doctor Who. If featured a couple of moody, action-y shots mixed in with some cryptic statements by the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

But last night, during its broadcast of the World Cup finals, BBC unleashed the full-length, full-fat version of the Doctor Who trailer! Behold:

Oh… so it’s pretty much the same as the teaser but some voiceover work from the Daleks? Fair enough: it seems that show-runner Stephen Moffat is still playing his cards close to his vest.

Like another long-running science fiction, Doctor Who promises to be heading… into Darkness!


And we aslo get a shot of Capaldi riding a horse in a Victorian nightie.

(image: BBC/YouTube)

(image: BBC/YouTube)

Oh, how the young girls will swoon!

Catch up on Doctor Who before the new series this August

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