Disney introduces a lovable new robot with ‘Big Hero 6’

(image: Disney)

(image: Disney)

Taking inspiration from Japanese animated heroes like Astro Boy, Disney have created their own spin on the genre with their upcoming actioner Big Hero 6.

Based on a manga-influenced title from Marvel Comics, it follows Hiro, a teenage inventor living in San Fransokyo – a fictional amalgam of Tokyo and Northern California. After he stumbles upon a criminal plot involving microbots, he puts together a superhero team along with his inflatable robot, Baymax.

Take a look at this first trailer:

By the looks of this preview, Baymax is going to be adorably awesome new character in the vein of Wall-E.

Big Hero 6 comes hot on the heels of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, whose successes they’ll be looking to emulate. The film features the voice talents of Genesis Rodriguez, T.J. Miller, and Alan Tudyk – the former Firefly star who has appeared in all of Disney’s recent animated movies.

‘Big Hero 6’ is in UK cinemas February 2014

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