Celebrity Gymnastics: Reality television primed to hit another all-time low

Just when we though prime time television couldn’t get any worse, the BBC has issued its latest damning indictment of our national culture by commissioning a celebrity gymnastics programme. Tentatively titled ‘Let’s Get Ready to Tumble’, it will likely feature B to D-List celebrities competing against each other in a series of physical challenges so pitiful that even a 63 year-old Su Pollard (or whomever) will be able to score well.

The fact that this show even exists likely stems from the popularity public curiosity for Splash!, ITV’s reality competition that featured celebrities ineptly learning how to dive. If there’s anything to be learned from the success of that programme, its that the British public will accept any excuse for gawping at famous folk in tight-fitting clothing

Slated to air on BBC One, it has been rumoured that competitors will receive coaching from Team GB Olympians the likes of Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith before performing before a panel of judged that will likely include a famed gymnast from yesteryear.

The show is scheduled for a 2014 premiere.

[via Mirror]

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