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The LEGO Movie: get 500 Clubcard points & 50% off Legoland tickets


Update: This offer is now closed

To celebrate the early digital release of The LEGO Movie on blinkbox, we have a very special offer that we think you’ll find interesting.

As well as offering you The LEGO Movie weeks before the DVD release, every purchase of the film will entitle you to 500 Tesco Clubcard Points as well as 50% off tickets to Legoland Windsor.

Allow us to break down the total value of this offer:

By spending as little as £9.99 for the film, you will get:

1. A streaming copy of The LEGO Movie, that you can watch as many times as you want, forever.

2. 500 Clubcard points, which will result in £5.00 worth of Clubcard vouchers in your November statement.

  • You can spend this £5 voucher like regular currency at your local Tesco branch; or you could
  • Head over to the Clubcard Boost page and increase the value of your vouchers. £5 of Clubcard credit can be converted into a £10 Hudl voucher or a £20 restaurant voucher.


3. 50% off entry to Legoland Windsor Resort. For every purchase of The LEGO Movie, you can get this discount for 4 adults and 4 children.

Adult tickets would then be £23.40 instead of £46.80 and children’s tickets would be £20.70 instead of £41.40. The savings would be worth up to £176.40.

Update: This offer is now closed

Watch The LEGO Movie now

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