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You read that right: we have a collection of movies here at blinkbox to buy for just 99p each!

As you’d suspect, this collection isn’t packed full of recent blockbusters like The Avengers but rather a more eccentric selection of titles. But like any second-hand video shop, our Buy for 99p collection has a number of excellent curios waiting to be discovered by discerning film fans such as yourselves.

To help you along, allow us to direct your attention to the best of the bunch…
Budget Sci-FiAlien Intruder (1993)
There’s certainly no shortage of sci-fi action movies in this collection. Firstly, there’s Cyber Tracker, starring blinkbox favourite Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson. He plays the bodyguard of a Senator who discovers that his boss’ Computerized Justice initiative is actually a conspiracy hatched by evil robots. It’s effectively a Terminator knock-off that’s predictably goofy and a lot of fun

But if we were to choose our favourite, it would have to be Alien Intruder. Starring British actor Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2, Emmerdale), it revolves around a group of convicts sent by Billy Dee Williams (Lando from Star Wars) to perform a dangerous mission in space. Once there, however, they find that their biggest threat is one of sexy nature!

We think you’ll agree that Alien Intruder looks a straight-faced episode of Red Dwarf in more ways than one.

Watch Alien Intruder

R-Rated Action FilmsSkyscraper (1996)
If you’re a lad, these are the sorts of videos you and your mates used to pass around and watch while your parents were out of town. Starring people you’ve never heard of, the main attractions are (in order of importance): the gratuitous nudity, the awful dialogue delivered by terrible actors, and their shoddy sets.

There are a few R-Rated Actioners in this collection, but none of them are stranger than Skyscraper.

Imagine Die Hard, where instead of Bruce Willis there’s an implausibly-proportioned Anna Nicole Smith. She’s a helicopter pilot who ends up on a mission to save an office tower from Shakespeare-quoting terrorists.

Warning: there are a number poorly-shot ‘love scenes’ contained herein. This 18 Certificate movie is definitely not for the prudish.

Watch Skyscraper

Regular Action FilmsBlackjack
If you love action but are not so keen on retrograde-levels of nudity, you also have plenty of options here.

John Woo completists and Expendables fans will definitely want to check out Blackjack. Made by the Hong Kong action maestro between directing Face/Off and Mission Impossible 2, this was intended as a full length television pilot: one that never made it to series.

It stars Lundgren as a former US Marshal-turned-security expert. An expert in the martial arts and gunplay, his only weakness is a crippling fear of the colour white. That is not a joke.

The concept is completely daft but the action scenes are as good as you’d hope expect from a John Woo joint. Also, keep an eye out for the number of times Lundgren flies through the air, firing dual pistols. ‘Tis a silly film, but a fun one nonetheless.

Watch Blackjack

Good Movies’ – Talk Radio (1988) and Owning Mahowny (2003)
In amongst all this strange pap, there are also a number of movies that have actually been on the receiving side of critical praise.

One such film is Talk Radio. Directed by Oliver Stone, it’s set exclusively inside a radio station over the course of a single night. Writer/star Eric Bogosian plays a popular shock jock on the verge of hitting the big time. But with the death threats he receives from callers over the phone, it’s uncertain whether he’ll even make it to the end of his broadcast.

Full of bravura directorial touches and great casting (Alec Baldwin, John C McGinley), this is one of Oliver Stone’s films that has been unjustly forgotten by time.

Watch Talk Radio

Another favourite of the critics is the indie drama Owning Mahowny, starring the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman. He plays an assistant bank manager who skims money from his employers in order to feed his crippling addiction to gambling. As the walls begin to close in on Mahowny, Hoffman’s performance become a sublime study of a man falling apart at the seams.

For fans of Hoffman’s acting, this is a must-see film. And one that’s a bargain at 99p!

Watch Owning Mahowny

Canadian Movies Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy (2012)
The Buy for 99p collection is peppered with films produced in Canada. After all, the USA’s neighbour to the North has always been a popular –and cheaper— shooting location. You can always tell when something’s Canadian, on account of how many pine trees and nondescript roads you see in the background.

Our favourite Canadian film of the lot is made even more delightful by its efforts to hide its own Canadian-ness. Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy is, predictably enough, based on a novel by the writer of Trainspotting. Taking major stylistic leads from Danny Boyle’s film, it tells the story of a bored housewife (Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk) who enters the Scottish rave scene and embarks on a tempestuous romance with a drug user.

With most of the production taking place in Canada, the results are outrageously mixed: native Scottish actors like Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) mix it up with Canadian actors, most of whom either sound Irish or like Scrooge McDuck.

It’s actually an okay film but with the whole accent issue, British audiences will get to experience a different dimension of cringy enjoyment!

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