‘Broken City’ sees Marky Mark up to his Wahlbergs in intrigue

(image: StudioCanal)

(image: StudioCanal)

After a few rough years and a couple of roles involving dodgy accents and weak singing, Russell Crowe could be planning a return to the land of the respectable with a part in this political thriller co-starring Mark Wahlberg. In Broken City, Crowe plays the Mayor of New York City, who hires a disgraced ex-cop (Wahlberg) to do a bit of light spying on his sexy wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

But as you might expect, Wahlberg soon finds himself  witness to a conspiracy of murder, sex and corruption. Or simply put: a sexy, corrupt murder conspiracy.

Crowe’s voice-over at the beginning of the trailer suggests that Big Russ might be having more accent troubles, but glimpses of a scene in the Mayor’s office hints at a garrulous character who’s not all he’s made out to be. This is not the kind of film that normally elicits awards nominations, but this could be the role that restores Crowe’s status as a reliable character actor.

Wahlberg, meanwhile, is expected to deliver one of his reliable ‘confused guy who’s way out of his depth‘ performances (see The Happening or Planet of the Apes).

Broken City is set for a UK cinematic release on March 1st

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