Bill Murray is a bad influence on children in ‘St Vincent’

(image: The Weinstein Company)

(image: The Weinstein Company)

Few things in this world age as well as Bill Murray does.

In this first trailer for his new indie comedy St Vincent, he plays a misanthropic old man who finds himself looking after his neighbour’s son. With his tiny little beard the¬†gruff demeanour of a Charles Bukowski character, this could be the most curmudgeonly character we’ve ever seen Murray take on.

Check it out:

Co-starring Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd (both of Bridesmaids), St Vincent looks like it could be Murray’s funniest film in years. (Which isn’t saying that his recent work has been anything but stellar)

St Vincent has yet to secure a UK cinema release, but judging by the quality of the trailer, it should be hitting the theatres at some point in the next year.

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