One amazing movie, 500 amazing points

(image: Sony Pictures)

(image: Sony Pictures)

Note: this offer has now expired.

We love a summer blockbuster at blinkbox, which is why we’re treating you to 500 Clubcard points when you buy The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

From just £9.99, you’ll own one of the hit films of the summer and receive a boat-load of Clubcard points.

What does 500 Clubcard points mean?

For spending just under ten pounds on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you’ll receive as many Clubcard points as if you’d just spent £500 at your local Tesco. When your next statement arrives, this will equate to £5 worth of vouchers, which you can spent as you please in any Tesco outlet.

In effect, you will get 50% of your money back, which you can put towards your weekly shop.

Or…  if you’re a canny consumer, you can do much more.

Boost your Clubcard vouchers

Just head over to the Clubcard Boost page and increase the value of your vouchers. There are dozens of options available.

As a small example, £5 of Clubcard credit can be converted into a £10 Hudl voucher or even a £20 restaurant voucher to a number of great high street chains.

Clubcard Boost options

So if you’re clever with how you use your Clubcard vouchers, you’ll actually end up with over £30 worth of stuff for the price of £10!

This offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t think about it too long!

(Whoops, too late! This offer has expired. Sorry, guys!)

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now

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