Amanda Seyfried lined up for role in Seth MacFarlane's comedy Western

LOS ANGELES — In the latest episode of the riches-to-more-riches saga of Seth MacFarlane, The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that Amanda Seyfried is in talks to join the cast of MacFarlane’s comic oater, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Why is this such big news? For one, the Family Guy creator’s feature debut also happened to be 2012 highest-grossing (and highly gross) comedy at the US box-office. After the success of Ted, his next project will have to bear the weight of unreasonable expectations.

Secondly– this is a big month for MacFarlane, who will host the Oscars Ceremony on the 24th. There’s been a lot of speculation as to what he and his writers will deliver on the night, although it’s probably a given that it will somehow involve big band numbers, funny voices and a monologue joke that ends in “…[something-something] secret AIDS”.

But more than anything, this news is interesting from the angle that this would be Seyfried’s first comedic role since Mean Girls, in which she played “the dumbest one” of the Queen Bees. She’s perhaps been the most prolific actress to come out that cast –a cast that included Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey and the memory of Lindsay Lohan— but she’s mostly been confined to playing straight leads in dramas and horror films.

But this being a Seth MacFarlane picture, one has to wonder whether she’ll be given the role of ‘shrieking harpy’ or ‘vacuous eye candy’ — the only two character types that seem to exist in his world. Can anybody anywhere remember a single funny thing Mila Kunis‘ character did in Ted?

MacFarlane is set to star as well as direct and co-write A Million Ways. He will play a farmer who has to learn how to man-up and become a gunfighter — while presumably belting show tunes and making anachronistic references to Betty White and the Ninja Turtles.

[Source: THR]

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