10 movie stars in adverts before they were famous

(image: YouTube)

(image: YouTube)

Loads of actors got their big break in the world of television advertising. Here are just a few of our favourite TV pitchmen who have since become stars.

1. Here’s recent Oscar winner Cate Blanchett hawking Tim Tams back in her home country.

In the battle of tea-time biscuits, the McVitie’s Digestives aren’t a patch on Australia’s most beloved chocolate treat. But why would anyone need three self-replenishing boxes of biscuits?

2. Tina Fey was just a sketch performer at Chicago’s Second City when she filmed this incredibly 90s advert for a bank.

The wardrobe department surely got the sack after this shoot.

3. Here’s a young Paul Rudd getting drunk on the power afforded to him by a Super Nintendo.

4. And here’s Rudd’s Anchorman co-star Steve Carell in a 1989 ad for a chain of chicken restaurants.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio might have lost out at the Oscars, but he can still look back and feel proud at having starred in this bubble gum ad in the 1988.

6. Even Hollywood legends have to start somewhere. Here’s a pre-Graduate Dustin Hoffman in a promo for Volkswagen:

“He’ll show you where the motor is” has got to be the most threatening tagline ever.

7. Before he wowed film fans behind the wheel of a New York cab, Robert De Niro drove a 1970 Ambassador.

8. Years before Harry met Sally, Meg Ryan flashed her smile for this toothpaste commercial.

Wait… so there was a time in the 80s when mint-flavoured toothpaste was a novelty?

9. Now one of TV’s most decorated actors, Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston once starred in a slightly less prestigious project.

10. Now one of cinema’s most coveted leading men, Michael Fassbender was once recognisable as ‘that guy off the Guinness ad’.

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