60 Second Review: Godzilla


Didn’t we already have a Godzilla movie recently?

That was like sixteen years ago. It was done by the guy who made Independence Day.

Didn’t Jean Reno complain about coffee for the whole of that movie.

Yes he did: the whole thing was quite bad. This new one’s a lot better, though!

What’s it about?

There are these enormous monsters that feed on radiation. They’re threatening to tear up San Francisco and the US military are powerless to stop them because the creatures can disable their weapons. Their only hope for survival is… GOJIRA!!



So, Godzilla’s the good guy here?


Is Ferris Bueller still in it?

No. it has nothing to do with that version. The cast here is actually pretty great: they brought on Walter White, Kick-Ass, the third Olsen twin, and the Japanese dude from Inception.

Bryan Cranston? He’s great!

He really is. He does an awful lot with the material he’s given. We only wish he was in the movie more.


But the human stories are only a bit of a sideshow. The main events are the monster battles.

So it’s two hours of non-stop monster-on-monster violence?

Not quite, but the director took a page out of the Cloverfield book. The whole movie is shot from the perspective of people on the ground: we only see what human characters can see.

That sounds like a cheat.

It’s actually great. You get a real sense for how enormous all these monsters are.

So should I see it?

Definitely. There are things about it that don’t make sense, but it’s an awful lot of fun.


Don’t bother, but pick a cinema with a massive sound system. You’ll want to to hear him roar.

Hear who roar?




Godzilla is now in cinemas

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