Jan 28

Jaguar teases Super Bowl ad with Kingsley, Hiddlestone and Mark Strong

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The idea of the Super Bowl advert is such a immense phenomenon in the States that we can’t help but feel the ripples on this side of the pond. With the NFL’s biggest game of year primed to take place this weekend in New York, advertisers across America have spared no expense delivering shiny new commercials to play during the highest-rated broadcast of the year.  For their Super Bowl ad this year, Jaguar have called in some of the biggest names in British film-making to deliver what looks like an unmade Bond film.

Here is the official teaser for their ad:

Starring Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddlestone and Mark Strong, Jaguar’s ad will pitch the F-type coupe by playing up to the stereotype of British movie villains. After all, the baddies always get the best lines. Although you might not know it from this teaser, Les Miserables director Tom Hooper is calling the shots from behind the camera.

Last year’s Super Bowl had a viewership of 108 million people, which is almost half the adult population of the US. With a rare opportunity to play to such an enormous captive crowd, America’s biggest brands go all out, paying out as much as £2.4 million for the airtime alone! Many of the ads will have blockbuster appeal and big name stars while other might be comedic or even emotional. Major film studios will often debut 30-second trailers for their summer releases. Over the four-hour broadcast, every single advert spot will have never been seen before.

Large sections of the  viewership don’t even care about American Football. They tune in just to watch the ads! To you and me, that sounds like complete madness!

But then again… who’s the one that just posted a trailer for a TV ad?

Super Bowl adverts will not be broadcast in the UK, but expect them all to hit the web come Monday morning.

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