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Happy Birthday, Nicolas Cage: King of the Internet!

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This is an update of a previously published article.

Today is Nicolas Cage’s Fiftieth Birthday.

Not only is this a milestone in the life of a great actor, but it also marks a half century of one of the world’s most lovable  eccentrics. With an acting career that has spanned over four decades, it’s truly amazing that Cage is as popular as ever now in 2014. This is in no small part thanks to the proliferation of Cage-related content on the internet. From YouTube clips to 4chan memes and endless Tumblr pages, you could literally spend hours falling through a rabbit hole of insane acting!

In celebration of the great man’s birthday, here are just a few of our favourite online Cage-Nuggets:

1. Even a dull kitchen cupboard can be a charismatic piece of furniture with Cage

via imgur

2. “Voltron comprised entire of Cage heads” is surely the most powerful robot in the Universe
via Newsweek

4. Remember the old photo that proved Nicolas Cage was an immortal vampire?

5. It’s no secret that many celebrities occasionally appear in lucrative Japanese commercials. Nicolas Cage is no exception. (Note: Pachinko is a pseudo-gambling pastime in Japan that involves a pinball-type machine)

 6. Apparently, the Serbians understand the educational value of putting Nicolas Cage on the cover of their biology textbooks.
via Huffington Post

7. One danger of spending too much time online is that you start seeing Nicolas Cage everywhere!




via NicCageAsEveryone

 8. Bird Hair. We’ve asked a few people to explain this one to us but we still have no idea.

9. Let us not lose sight of why Nic Cage is famous: his unique ability to flip out on command. (Warning – contains loads of swears)

10. Face it, you can’t help but be enchanted by his Cagey eyes


via Caged Eyes

11. This lucky lady got her hands on a wicked Nicolas Cage costume

via I Raff I Ruse

12. You don’t need to see The Wicker Man to appreciate… THE BEEEEES!!

To add a little spice to your holiday season be sure to check out Nicolas Cage’s film, The Frozen Ground.
Happy Cagemas!

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