Jan 28

First Picture: Jim Broadbent heads to the slammer in ‘Get Santa’

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The production of the upcoming holiday comedy Get Santa has just released its first image a week into it’s shooting schedule. It features Jim Broadment as Father Christmas, getting his mugshot taken. After voicing Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick in the Aardman animated film Arthur Christmas, Broadbent will now play him in the flesh.

The plot involves Santa Claus’ sled breaking down in London, which result in him getting banged-up by the Met (known for their institutional prejudice against fictional characters). This leaves it up to parolee Rafe Spall and his young son to save the day by breaking Father Christmas out of prison. It all sounds like solid holiday fare — and uncannily like the plot of Ernest Saves Christmas.

But if there’s one thing can’t be disputed, it’s that impressive line-up of talent involved in Get Santa: great character actors like Stephen Graham, Ewen Bremner and Jodie Whitaker pepper the cast list. Writer-director Christopher Smith has been on our radar for quite a while: his previous films have all been rather interesting horror projects. You might remember the slasher-on-an-office-camping-trip movie Severance with Danny Dyer or perhaps the mind-bending, time-looping Australian cruise ship horror Triangle.

With executive producer Ridley Scott on board, this could be the big break Smith has been waiting for.

Get Santa probably comes out sometime in November or December

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