Dec 05

‘Man of Steel’ Effects Video: You’ll believe a man can fly

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One of the things that really strikes us about this week’s new latest film, Man of Steel, is how the world they’ve created feels so utterly tangible. Even though it features characters who fly through the air with the greatest of ease, there’s a sense of real weight to the figures we see on screen. By this, we don’t mean gravitas or importance but actual physical weight.

Since computer generated effects started dominating action blockbusters over a decade and a half ago, we’ve seen so many films in which the characters don’t feel like their affected by the basic forces of physics. In Zack Snyder’s film, when the Last Son of Krypton cuts through the air, you can see the turbulent air pushing against cloth and skin; when he lands on the ground, it isn’t graceful but violent in the you might expect a 250lb demi-god to land.

Here’s a look at how some of those effects were achieved:

It’s really quite staggering how little ‘real footage’ makes it into the final cut. Like in this year’s Gravity, the actors aren’t pasted into CG backgrounds as they would have been in the past. Their performance simply provide guidance for the visual artists to render the image from scratch.

Note: Henry Cavill does sound very, very English.

To see these effects in action, watch Man of Steel now at blinkbox

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