Nov 07

Win: 8″ Acer Tablet with our blinkbox Windows 8 app competition!

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Note: The competition is now closed.

With the release of blinkbox’s latest app, you can now watch the latest blockbusters and best TV shows on your Windows 8 devices with even greater convenience than before. With HD support and localised parental controls, our shiny new app allows you to take advantage of your high resolution screens while protecting your family from unsuitable content.

For Windows 8 users, downloading this fantastic new app couldn’t be easier: it’s available directly from the Windows Store!

But if you happen to be a luddite and haven’t yet boarded the Windows 8 train, we’re now giving you the opportunity to win an Acer Iconia W3 tablet, courtesy of our friends at Microsoft UK. With its 8.1″ 1280 x 800 display and 8-hour battery life, this tablet is perfect for watching movies or just simply browsing the internet.

Note: The competition is now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!

19 Responses to “Win: 8″ Acer Tablet with our blinkbox Windows 8 app competition!”

  1. blinkbox says:

    Remember: please enter your answer in the box above!

  2. Nick Thorp (@MrNickThorp) says:

    Entered, fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!

  3. Neil Philip says:


  4. Cyril Rowlands says:

    Winning this fantastic prize would be akin for me to catching a rainbow in a Jar…….Magic!

  5. Darren Tyson says:

    brill prize,good luck everyone

  6. pete packham says:

    Well this is it question answered…. now lets hope this brings a better end to this year.

  7. Robert Kamis says:

    First timer usually not lucky. But those who are enjoy your great prize and be Ace on the Acer

  8. julie marshall says:

    ive entered. would love to win for number of reasons,my birthday an Christmas next month. also I have no clue about these things. im still learning bout my phone (a year after I got it) it would also be cool to take into college, where some of us ‘oldies’ can actually see 1 of these things cos I can take it in. therefore see if they are worth getting rather than going, its just something else to fork out for that I cant work and get laughed at rather than shown how to work it.
    good luck to everyone though an congrats to whoever gets it :)

  9. Kasia R says:

    God I could really do with a win right now never won anything the 36 years I’ve been on this blessed earth

  10. Karen Henderson says:

    Got to be in it to win it good luck dveryone

  11. David says:

    Good luck everyone! May the best person win, or at least the luckiest!

  12. Julie Hayes says:

    Entered….great prize. Good luck everyone.

  13. Freddi White says:

    Hope I win… I plan to buy a Tablet anyway this’ll save a good few bob for the upcoming bairn. :)

  14. Tim James says:

    How many more competitions before I win one!

  15. marie bennett says:

    Lets hope I am lucky. :- ) !!!!

  16. kacymac says:

    enter this comp for tablet, fingers crossed

  17. Sue Gale says:

    November 10th 2013 at 1.31

    Have entered and would love to win as am really needing a tablet

  18. ACER ICONIA A1 2014 says:

    […] blinkbox blog » Win: 8″ Acer Tablet with our blinkbox Windows 8 … […]

  19. SUE DRAPER says:

    this would make my grandaughters christmas

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