Nov 14

WIN: £100 blinkbox credit with our ‘World’s End’ Pub Quiz

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In the final film of director Edgar Wright‘s loosely-connected Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, co-writer Simon Pegg plays Gary King, a man stuck in the past, who convinces four of his old mates to return home and relive an epic pub crawl from their teen years.

As they make their way through the 12 pubs on Newton Haven’s ‘The Golden Mile’, the gang starts to realise that their pleasant town has turned a little sinister in the passing years. In the face of alien doppelgangers taking over the planet, their mission is no longer about downing pints: it’s about making it… to The World’s End.

To celebrate this trilogy that also includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, we’re giving away £100 of blinkbox credit with our World’s End Pub Quiz!

All you have to do is answer all 5 questions on the works of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright and you’ll stand a chance to win:


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Many thanks to all who entered!

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9 Responses to “WIN: £100 blinkbox credit with our ‘World’s End’ Pub Quiz”

  1. anna thomas says:

    Fab competition hope I wwn something for a change

  2. Susan cusack says:


  3. Joe Caulfield says:

    Wicked comp peg boy

  4. atif says:

    I really would love to win never win anything usually

  5. Oliver Lacey says:


  6. A Archer says:

    Great movies

  7. James Hanly says:

    Right on!

  8. bryan says:

    Blink box is ace

  9. Nigey says:

    lovely jubbly a £100 squid

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