Nov 19

Watch: German trailer for ‘Tarzan: Kaiser of the Apes’ (title not confirmed)

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An all-new computer animated retelling of Edgar Rice Burrough’s most famous tale, this German-produced version of Tarzan has just dropped a trailer in its home country.

Transporting the story to modern day, this new Tarzan has presumably been raised by Gorillas in the deepest jungles of the Rhine Valley, only to be discovered in his maturity as the heir to multinational corporation Greystoke Energies, GmbH.

While the English-language version will feature the voice of Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz in the lead, there’s no harm in checking out the German trailer:

We didn’t understand a single word of that, but that didn’t stop us from be intrigued by the trailer’s blockbuster aesthetic. And unlike the most recent Disney film of Tarzan, this will probably not feature any songs by Phil Collins which -let’s be honest- were nicht sehr gut.

The englisch sprachversion of ‘Tarzan’ swings into UK cinemas from 2 May 2014


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