Nov 05

Video: Woody Allen’s obsession revealed in discomforting new super-cut

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Throughout his 40 year career, Woody Allen has often turned his attention to the thing that dominates the relationships between men and women: sex. Or should we say ‘making love’?

Thanks to this new super-cut, you can now witness every incident where a character in a Woody Allen film talks about ‘making love’ and let us tell you now: it gets creepy quite quickly.

See? After a while, the words lose all meaning.

On an unrelated subject, here are a few of Woody’s favourite films:

  • Making Love, Lies and Videotape…
  • Lovemaking Lives of the Potato Men
  • Making Love & Lucia


  • Making Love and the City (though we hear he’s not so keen on the sequel)

(via Official Comedy)

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