Nov 01

Trailer: The LEGO® Movie looks Crazy, Funny, Cool

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On the surface, the very idea of a Lego film seems like the most nauseatingly cynical attempt to sell toys. After all, there’s no ‘story’ to speak of when you’re dealing with Lego — just building bricks and little yellow men. But the people behind this film have seemingly worked this to their advantage

Is it just us, or does this trailer seem pretty funny? Writers/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s last animated effort was the excellent Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, another funny film that showed a flair for great visual gags. And by the looks of it, The LEGO® Movie (the ‘registered’ symbol is actually a part of the title, we think) could take the insanity to another level.

In the trailer, we’re presented with crazy universe made entirely out of plastic bricks and populated by Legomen and women. It’s a world in which Batman (Will Arnett) hangs out with a deity (Morgan Freeman) and fight against aliens with the help of a builder (Chris Pratt). Featuring a voice cast that includes Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Charlie Day, Elizabeth Banks and Alison Brie, Lego has a lot of quality comic actors in their toy chest. There is no reason this should be anything short of highly amusing.

The LEGO® Movie arrives with assembly instructions 14 February 2014

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