Nov 11

Trailer: The doctors are in for Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

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Hardcore Whovians and casual Whoficionados have less than two weeks to wait before the eagerly-anticipated 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who!

Starring both Matt Smith and David Tennant as The Doctor, this one-off special will also feature John Hurt as a hitherto unmentioned incarnation on the doctor: one who has led a life he’s “tried very hard to forget” — which suggests he’s a naughty murder-man or something.

Considering how they’re time travelers and all, surely the Doctors should all be bumping into each each other 10 times a season, right? Our suggesting for next series: cast five Doctors at the same time and have them pal around, non-stop.

But on the subject of things actually happening in real life: the broadcast will also see Billie Piper reprise most famous role as assistant Rose Tyler. We’re looking forward to her return, though we assume she’ll have to explain why she doesn’t look 19 in this particular adventure.

The Day of the Doctor airs worldwide on Saturday November 23 but in the run-up to that event, why not treat yourself to some classic episodes!

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