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The blinkbox Movie Monster Atlas

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A portal to another dimension opens up on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. From out of the hole comes a number of gigantic monsters –or kaiju— who seem to have only one purpose: destroy the living heck out of all the cities of East Asia and America’s western seaboard.

To mark the release of Pacific Rim at blinkbox this week, we’ve published our own Monster Atlas and pin-pointed global monster hotspot!

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1. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters)

Location: New York City

Height: 35m

Classification: Sweet, fluffy harbinger of doom

Notes: Arriving on our Earthly realm, the Sumerian god Gozer offers the intrepid Ghostbusters an opportunity to “Choose the form of the Destructor”. Figuring it would be totally harmless, Dr. Ray Stanz plucks for the ancient one to assume the form of a beloved corporate mascot, Mr Stay Puft: the Marshmallow Man.

2. Unknown Entity (Cloverfield)

Location: New York City

Height: 82m

Classification: Extra-terrestrial

Notes: Where this gigantic creature came from, nobody knows. What we do know is that this goliath has a sixth-sense for homing in on and destroying American landmarks –just like the aliens from Independence Day did.

3. Graboids (Tremors)

Location: Nevada, USA

Height: 9.1m long

Classification: Giant carnivorous sandworm

Note: What do you do when the thing you fear most is right under your feet? You can tool-up and build some bombs with your pal Kevin Bacon… or you can bend over and kiss yourself goodbye.

4. Raptor (Jurassic Park)

Location: Isla Nublar, Costa Rica

Height: 1m (3.4m long)

Classification: Cloned abominations of nature

Notes: Cloned from dinosaur DNA extracted from preserved mosquitoes, these Raptors found in millionaire John Hammond’s island theme park are actually Deinonychus. Real Velociraptors were actually a lot smaller, weighing roughly the same as a large chicken.

5. The Thing

Location: Antarctica

Height: Various

Classification: Shape shifting extra-terrestrial

Notes: Discovered in a pod buried deep in the Antarctic ice, this insidious alien’s motives are uncertain. The one certain thing, however, is its ability to perfectly mimic any of its victims. Once it gets inside the American research compound, there’s no telling which one of the scientists is in fact… The Thing.

6. King Kong

Location: Skull Island, Indonesia

Height: 7.62m

Classification: Giant Gorilla

Notes: Discovered by a film crew on location in South East Asia, Kong is the venerated god-ape of Skull Island. When it comes time for the team’s leader to bring a captured specimen back to New York City, one must wonder why they opted for a giant Gorilla when there were DINOSAURS on the island.

7. The Creatures (Monsters)

Location: Mexico

Height: 15m

Classification: Floating Molluscs

Notes: “Six years ago… NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system. A space probe was launched to collect samples but broke up during re-entry over Mexico. Soon after new life forms began to appear and half of the country was quarantined as an INFECTED ZONE. Today… The Mexican & US military still struggle to contain ‘the creatures’…”

8. Godzilla

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 50m

Classification: Nuclear-induced Mutant Lizard

Notes: Unleashed as an unintended side-effect of atomic explosions, this terrible lizard found its way to Japanese soil, punishing mankind for what it has done to the ocean. The name Godzilla –or Gojira—is a combination of the Japanese words for ‘gorilla’ and ‘whale’, which is strange seeing as he looks nothing like a whale and even less like a gorilla.


9. Jotnar (Trollhunter)

Location: Norway

Height: 60m

Classification: Troll

Notes: The largest species of troll on file, Jotnar can be killed much in the same way as regular trolls: with direct exposure to the UV radiation commonly found in sunlight. The only trouble is that you’ll have to find them first: for a creature that towers at over 200 feet, Jotnar have a knack for remaining hidden.

10. The Dingo (A Cry in the Dark)

Location: Northern Territories, Australia

Height: 60cm

Classification: Baby-taking canine

Notes: For such a vast country, Australian film hasn’t really got that much in terms of monster films. Why would they need to? Their country is already packed with thousands of deadly animals that can kill you for reals. Case and point: the dingo that ‘took the baby’ of a pastor’s wife in A Cry in the Dark, a Meryl Streep film based on an infamous Australian court case.


If you can think of any movie monsters from South America, let us know: we tried to find one and failed!

To check out the newest addition to the Monster Atlas check out Pacific Rim, now available to buy at blinkbox.

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  1. Lesley Howe says:

    I am not sure dingo should be there It is not a monster but a wild animal following its instints

  2. lee j says:

    Cannot believe you forgot the uk entry on your map,Gorgo!

  3. sherbie says:

    “If you can think of any movie monsters from South America, let us know: we tried to find one and failed!”

    Hmmmmmm, anaconda? I mean a MASSIVE snakes a monster, right?! :o s

  4. blinkbox says:

    Great shout! Owen Wilson, J-Lo, Jon Voigt: quality crummy film!

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