Nov 25

#sherlocklives in promo spot for Sherlock Series 3

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If you were one of the 10 million people who tuned in to watch the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who this past Saturday, you may have waited around til after the credits to see a couple of promo spots for upcoming BBC dramas. One of said trailers was for the long-awaited third series of Sherlock. Here it is:

First of all: it’s good to see Watson embracing Movember with his dubious lip slug. Surely he grew that moustache to raise awareness for the #2 killer of men in Britain (after deadly plunges from atop buildings, of course).

Secondly, it’s good to see Holmes’ next-of-kin (Mycroft?) spring for a decadent polished granite tombstone. But one has to wonder what funeral director would forget to inscribe a date on the thing. You had one job!

Ah… remember the first season when Holmes still communicated with texts, like some sort of savage? It seems he’s finally caught up with the 21st century, hash-tagging his resurrection on twitter like some sort of digital Jesus (#ItIsAccomplished)

Series 3 still has no premiere date, but you can catch up on all the other episodes of Sherlock here

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