Nov 22

‘Sabotage’ Trailer: It’s only over when Arnold says it’s over

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is rebuilding his brand one brick at a time and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s surrounding himself with some quality talent. In the case of Sabotage we’re talking about David Ayer, the writer/director behind some of the best police movies in recent memory: Training Day and End of Watch. Here’s the trailer:

The former Governor of California stars as a veteran drugs enforcement agent whose team is being targeted after a major bust. Could it be that someone in his trusted team has betrayed him and sabotaged the operation? If they have, they best be ready for some gunnishment.

Co-starring Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Sam Worthington, Mireille Enos (The Killing) and Terence Howard, Sabotage opens in cinemas 25 April 2014

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