Nov 13 2013

17 Awesome Offices That Are Way Cooler Than Yours

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In The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s latest comedy, they play a pair of salesmen approaching middle-age who find themselves in a highly competitive internship programme at Google.

Walking into Google’s corporate headquarters for the very first time, they’re staggered by all the cool stuff littered around the complex: nap pods, public usage bicycles, slide and cafes where they can get free bagels. It seems like the perfect place to be employed, were it not for the unfathomable workload!

This week, we’re taking a look at a number of offices from around the world, all of which are significantly cooler than the place you work:

1. At Adobe’s complex in Utah, employees have access to facilities that include a rock-climbing wall and a full-size basketball court. However, there’s every possibility they don’t and that an employee just photoshopped this picture.
(via the fields team)

2. At their Steve Jobs-inspired campus in Emeryville, California, Pixar Studios allows their artists and animators to decorate and furnish their garden-shed work spaces in any way they like.

(via Office Snapshots)

3. The BBC’s new facility in Salford features an atrium packed with funky little booths where media-types can meet and discuss the brutal cuts to their upcoming budgets.
(via Overbury)

4. AOL has kitted out their Palo Alto office well: the spin-art video walls and modernist furniture makes it look totally hip, right?
(via ResumeBear)

5. It only makes sense that iconic Danish toymakers Lego would make their offices look like giant playrooms, with slides and everything.

(via Home Designing)

6. Swedish ISP Bahnhof found international notoriety as the host of WikiLeaks, so it’s only appropriate that they work out of an underground lair. Formerly a WWII bunker, this office is certified against nuclear attacks. These guys are not kidding around.
(via Bahnhof)

7. If you haven’t heard of this Airbnb yet, don’t worry: you will very soon.
A burgeoning social networking service that allows people to rent out their rooms or flats to travelers, their San Francisco offices boast a number of meeting rooms designed to look like some of their rental listings!

(via Home Designing)

8. The people at Zynga have made billions of dollars with their line of attention-sapping games like Farmville and Words with Friends. It’s no surprise that their San Francisco headquarters features a menacing neon sign commanding their employees to ‘PLAY’. Also note: DOGS!
zynga 3


(via Sexy Social Media)

9. Distinctly Austrian with its simple lines and restricted colour palette, the London office of energy drink giant Red Bull shows its ‘fun side’ with the most clinical slide we’ve ever seen.
(via Jump Studios)

10. Twitter has been throwing around some of that money they’ve made as a $20 billion company and they’ve pimped out their San Francisco offices. These days, a 24-hour cereal bar is nothing short of #mandatory.

They’re also not afraid to show their #sustainable side with a roof garden atop their restored Art Deco building.
(via mashable)

11. Global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather might be one of the oldest names in the business, but they haven’t let that stop them from embracing the latest trends in their Jakarta offices: punctuating their nature-inspired, minimalist workspace…with a slide!
(via Office Snapshots)

We’re really starting to notice a trend amongst a lot of these offices…


12. At Peer 1’s offices in Southampton, nothing says Fast, Scalable and Secure Cloud Hosting’ like a SLIDE!

(via The Telegraph)

 13. Is that a Sandworm sculpture? No! It’s a SLIDE!

Google, Tel Aviv (via Dezeen)

 14. Slide!

Electric Works, Sheffield (via Daily Mail)

15. SLIDE!!

Corus Entertainment, Toronto (via ResumeBear)


AWeber, Pennsylvania (via inhabitat)


iSelect, Melbourne (via Office Snapshots)

In short: if your office hasn’t got a slide, you might as well be working down a mine.

The Internship is now available to buy and rent at blinkbox

Nov 13 2013

Amazing Special Effects Video: Rebuilding Gatsby’s New York

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Say what you will about Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (and we think it’s pretty great), there’s one thing you can’t deny: it’s a fantastic looking film. It presents a bustling vision of Jazz Age New York that’s packed with fast cars, jazz musicians and opulent parties that’s made all the more impressive by the fact that it was entirely filmed in Sydney, Australia.

In this video showcasing how computer generated images were used to flesh out Gatsby’s sets and locations, you’ll start to see exactly how much of New York City and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Long Island mansion and was actually real (spoiler: almost none of it is real).

It makes for a fascinating look:

(via Vimeo)

The Great Gatsby is now available to buy and rent at blinkbox

Nov 13 2013

Watch out, Kardashians: the Wahlbergs are coming after you with their burgers

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American cable network A&E has announced that from January 2014 they will be airing Wahlburgers, a Boston-set reality series centred on a fledgling hamburger franchise owned and run by the Wahlberg family.

If the show delivers on its promises, it will see Mark and Donnie return to Beantown to help their brother Paul open up another location of their upscale bar and fast food joint. Also along for the ride is their mother Alma (who we imagine is just like Melissa Leo‘s character from The Fighter) and members of Mark’s original entourage. That’s right: the real life Johnny Drama is going to be up in this (burger) joint!

If you’re thinking this might be a meta-take on the reality genre, and that there’s no such thing as Wahlburgers, then you really need to check out their website.

If anything, our main complaint is that their restaurant is a little too classy. Apart from some tenuous bits of wordplay (try clicking on the ‘Wahl’s New’ section), the menu is disappointingly low on puns.

I mean, c’mon! If we owned a Wahlberg-themed restaurant, we’d be serving:

  • Boogie Bites – chicken nuggets made from 100% white meat
  • The Lovely Bones – half-rack of baby back ribs marinaded in baked bean juice
  • Good Thighbrations – Grilled Teriyaki chicken thighs with brown rice on a bed of lettuce
  • I Heart Duck and Peas – Confit de canard served with fresh garden peas
  • Planet of the Grape Trifle – 3 indulgent layers consisting of vanilla custard, sponge cake and artisan grape jelly, topped with hand-whipped cream.
  • New Kids on the Coq au Vin – a whole chicken slow-cooked in 2 litres of Jordan Knight’s signature Cabernet.

Get on it, boys! If you need any more ideas, you know where to find us.

Nov 12 2013

Disney working on a previously inconceivable Princess Bride musical

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According to reports, The Walt Disney Company has announced plans to adapt The Princess Bride for the Broadway stage (see above headline). Collaborating with venerated Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman (who wrote both the film and the book it was based on), the Disney have yet to determine whether the production will be a musical, but if we’re being serious here, then of course it will be a musical.

With the Lion King musical still running in London and New York after 15 years, they almost certainly want to replicate that show’s success with a beloved story of giants, pirates, wizards and sword-fights (with and a little kissing thrown in).

There has been no set time frame for this show’s development –and indeed, no actual talent confirmed– but its suspected that nothing much will happen before their production of Aladdin transfers from Toronto to Broadway.

Who will be composing the music, should this be a musical (which it definitely will be)? Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler wrote the music for the 1987 film but seeing as how its generally the only reviled part of the movie, its unlikely he’ll be called on to provide the show’s toe-tapping showstoppers.

If you have absolutely no idea what this ‘Princess Bride’ thing we’re talking about is: 1) congratulations on making it this far and; 2) let us wholeheartedly recommend you watch this wonderful comic adventure. It’s funny, memorable and has Robin Wright and Mandy Patinkin off House of Cards and Homeland –but they’re all young and everything!

There’s a reason why this film still holds a place in the heart of every 80s kid. Check it out now!

(via THR)

Nov 11 2013

‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park: coming to a lawless territory near you?

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With the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire approaching on the near horizon, Lionsgate, the studio responsible for the Young Adult mega hit, disclosed that they were pursuing opportunities to expand the brand into the world of theme parks.

According to a report by trade paper Variety, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts that he was looking into the possibility of parks in “two territories and was considering these possibilities.”

Having seen success from their line of Hunger Games merchandise (including a garish line of “Capital Couture” attire), it would seem like a natural extension of brand synergy to expand into the world of amusement parks, in very much the same way that Harry Potter did with its popular locations in Florida and Hertfordshire.

Though Mr Feltheimer declined from further comment, it can be assumed that these parks would recreate the experience of the films’ titular games, allowing young fans to systematically murder their peers with the promise of financial reward.

Since the news broke, Mr Feltheimer’s silence on the matter has suggested that these parks would forcefully separate its patrons from their families, train them in a variety of lethal weapons, before encouraging them to kill their fellow Hunger Games fans for the amusement of the upper classes.

Seeing as these theme parks have not actually been built, The Daily Mail has not yet had the opportunity to slam Lionsgate with a number of scathing editorials, chastising them for trapping minors in geodesic domes and subjecting them to deadly insects and poisonous berries (not to mention teenagers armed with tritons). And as a result, the studio has yet to reply to these criticisms with a carefully-worded press release absolving themselves of all blame.

“In bringing the world of The Hunger Games to life, we’ve spared no expense in re-creating the life and death™  stakes of [author] Suzanne Collins’ beloved books,” the press release might start.

“In an effort to provide fans with the level of authenticity they demand, we’ve listened to their comments on social media and have executed nearly every one of their suggestions (pun intended),”  the statement would probably continue, before quoting a tweet from an unbalanced fan of some description:


The press release would likely go on: “We understand, however, that some fans may not be in a fit condition to appreciate the full [Hunger Games] experience. That is why we’re encouraging pregnant visitors (and those with a heart condition) to enjoy the park from the comfort of our ‘District 12′ village. In this fully-functioning replica of Katniss’ impoverished home town, patrons can ‘slave away’ in our authentic mines, extracting coal at the behest of totalitarian government and engaging in black market trade!”

Judging from the sequel’s pre-release hype, Catching Fire should exceed The Hunger Games’ success at the box-office, perhaps even eclipsing the popularity of the Twilight series. Should this be the case, there would be no stopping this deadly hell-park from becoming a reality.

In verifiable news, however, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in cinemas from 21 November. And by the looks of the trailers, it should be pretty ace.

Nov 11 2013

Video: Sacha Baron Cohen ‘kills’ aged actress in award show prank

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At the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles this past weekend, BAFTA held an even to honour actors and film-makers the likes of Ben Kingsley and Kathryn Bigelow. Despite a star-studded guest list that included Julia Roberts and Idris Elba, the only name anyone remembered by the end of the night was Sacha Baron Cohen, who was on hand to accept the Charlie Chaplin Britannia for Excellence in Comedy. Introduced by Salma Hayek, Baron Cohen was then presented with one of Chaplin’s signature canes by octogenarian actress Grace Cullington, who had appeared in City Lights at the age of five. He, of course, returned the honour by accidentally pushing the woman’s wheelchair off-stage, killing her instantly.

The Borat star would go on honour the recently fallen actress in his acceptance speech: “Grace Cullington is the oldest, no, sorry, was the oldest surviving [Chaplin co-star]… I dedicate my award to her. This is obviously a tragedy. She has upstaged me. But on the bright side, what a great way to go, giving an award to me. Thus, she’ll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam segment.”

Hosted by Rob Brydon, the show highlighted the careers of numerous other cinematic talents, although we’re pretty certain no-one will remember any of it. Especially not after they’ve seen an old woman crushed to death by her wheelchair in front of George Clooney.


Nov 11 2013

Video: ‘Man of Steel’ Q&A with Zack Snyder, Amy Adams and Kevin Smith

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With the Blu-ray disc of Man of Steel dropping state-side this week, Warner Bros organised an online Q&A session with director Zack Snyder and co-star Amy Adams. Featuring lots of behinds-the-scenes tidbits and teaser details for the upcoming Batman-Superman sequel, this 70 minute video goes is into a lot of great detail thanks to host and comic super-fan Kevin Smith. There are some slightly awkward fan-posted questions but with Smith’s insider knowledge and frank line of questioning, this is a good little interview. If you’ve got over an hour to kill today, you’ll want to check this out:

You might not have heard before, but Kevin Smith famously worked on a never-made Tim Burton-direct Superman film in the late 90s. Although the entire experience was a total fiasco, it did spawn one of the great Hollywood anecdotes we’ve ever heard (check it out on YouTube).

Man of Steel flies into blinkbox 2 December

Nov 11 2013

Trailer: The doctors are in for Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

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Hardcore Whovians and casual Whoficionados have less than two weeks to wait before the eagerly-anticipated 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who!

Starring both Matt Smith and David Tennant as The Doctor, this one-off special will also feature John Hurt as a hitherto unmentioned incarnation on the doctor: one who has led a life he’s “tried very hard to forget” — which suggests he’s a naughty murder-man or something.

Considering how they’re time travelers and all, surely the Doctors should all be bumping into each each other 10 times a season, right? Our suggesting for next series: cast five Doctors at the same time and have them pal around, non-stop.

But on the subject of things actually happening in real life: the broadcast will also see Billie Piper reprise most famous role as assistant Rose Tyler. We’re looking forward to her return, though we assume she’ll have to explain why she doesn’t look 19 in this particular adventure.

The Day of the Doctor airs worldwide on Saturday November 23 but in the run-up to that event, why not treat yourself to some classic episodes!

Nov 11 2013

“Just one more for the road”: New Releases Monday 11 November 2013

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The World’s End
The final chapter in loose trilogy of films from Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright, this genre-bending comedy centres on a group of estranged, middle-aged friends who go back to their hometown to recreate a pub crawl from their youth. Most of them don’t want to be there, but have become at the behest of Gary King (Pegg), their former ringleader who seemingly hasn’t moved on from his misspent youth.

As with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, this is a satisfyingly funny movie with moments of inventive action but it’s also a film with something to say. From complaints about the ‘Starbucking’ of pubs to Gary’s desperation to relive the past, Pegg and Wright have made a pretty compelling film about the beauty and danger of nostalgia.

Ripe for multiple viewings, The World’s End is without a doubt one of the years’ finest comedies

Monsters University (New to Rent)
After over a decade, Pixar returns to the world of Monsters Inc. for this surprisingly whole-hearted prequel. Taking place years before, we find Mike and Sully (Billy Crystal and John Goodman) as freshers in Monstropolis’ premier scaring programme. While one-eyed Mike has to struggle with the fact that he’s inherently unscary, Sully is gifted scarer who believes he can simply sail through life on talent alone. Both facing the threat of being flunked, they’re forced to join a fraternity of loser monsters. Taking a cue from frat comedies like Animal House and Old School, our heroes have to overcome the odds and find a way to stick it to the jocks.

Pacific Rim (New to Rent)
Guillermo del Toro’s ode to Japanese kaiju films like Godzilla, Pacific Rim comes blasting in this week. When a portal to another world opens up on the ocean floor, the countries of the world find themselves coming together, building giant robots called Jaegers to fight monsters emerging from the hole. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam plays Raleigh Becket, a battle hardened pilot who’s called out of retirement when a new threat arrives. With an international cast that includes Ron Perlman and Idris Elba, this is the film that Transformers could have been all along: big, exciting and thrillingly creative.The Internship

The Great Gatsby (New to Rent)
Perhaps most famous for his OTT adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, Australian director Baz Luhrmann puts his hyper-kinetic spin on The Great American Novel. As seen from the eyes of young Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) it tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire known for throwing the biggest parties on Long Island. Despite his immense wealth, Gatsby seems to have his sights solely fixed on Daisy Buchanan (Carrie Mulligan), a married woman from his past.

Luhrmann’s film is bigger and louder than anyone could have reasonably expected but a stonking soundtrack and a handful of breakout performances (Elizabeth Debicki, excellent as tomboy Jordan Baker) ensure that this screaming locomotive stays on its tracks.

The Internship
Bringing back the Wedding Crashers super team of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, this new comedy sees the pair of them play a pair of recently unemployed middle-aged men who somehow luck into an internship at Google. Naturally, they have no idea about how a computer works, which is where the humour comes from! Wilson and Vaughn are some of the most naturally charming actors working in comedy, so it’s always good to spend an hour or two in their company, right?

Easy Money
The Scandinavians sure know how to spin a highly entertaining crime yarn and this week’s Swedish thriller is no exception. Joel Kinneman (the new Robocop) plays JW, a bright, hardworking student with aspirations above his station. When he meets a beautiful, rich girl at a party one weekend, it ignites a fire and leads him down a path that involves working for a group of Albanian gangsters. Already primed for an American remake, Easy Money and its sequels have become the highest grossing Swedish films since Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy!

For more of the latest films, head over to our New Releases page

Nov 08 2013

Ron Burgundy has an important message about piracy and/or hookers

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In conjunction with an anti-piracy organisation, respected newsman Ron Burgundy has released this new public service announcement, encouraging kids to seek out non-pirated movies… and spare no expense when it comes to ‘sorting out your evening’s entertainment’.

Although most of his metaphors hold water, we’re almost certain the ‘gentleman’s relish’ he talks about isn’t the obscure condiment favoured by nobody since the reign of Edward VII.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is in cinemas from 20 December