Nov 18 2013

Kevin Smith Reveals an Image from ‘Tusk’, his Gumtree-inspired Horror Film

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Director Kevin Smith, never one to let any of his thoughts unpublished, has released the first image from his upcoming low budget feature ‘Tusk’.

According to his blog My Boring Ass Life, the film is about a madman who kidnaps people with the intention of surgically transforming them into human/walrus hybrids. It’s kind of like Human Centipede, only with moustaches. This hand-drawn picture seems to provide an anatomical look at how this monstrosity might turn out:

He accompanied the image with the following tweet: “Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?” We wrap TUSK this Friday! Will be tough to leave NC as I’m so in love with my Charlotte crew and this wacky flick we’re making! #WalrusYes”

The hashtag on this probably requires some explanation, as does the genesis of the film. But who better to explain it to you than Smith himself. Taken from Smith’s blog, bear in mind that the SModcast he refers to is a long-running podcast he hosts with his friend and producer Scott Mosier:

6 minutes and 45 seconds into the show, I start telling Scott a story that I found via a few British Tweeters who felt it was excellent SModcast material. The story concerns a listing from, a website that specializes in living situations and apartments to rent. In one memorable listing, a homeowner offers a living situation free of charge – the only caveat being the lodger would have to dress like a walrus from time to time

[...]The listing got my creative juices flowing and I began reconstructing the whole thing as an old British Hammer horror film, in which a mad scientist intends to sew some hapless lodger into counterfeit blubber, creating a chimera in an effort to answer the ultimate riddle, “Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?!”

[...]By 57 minutes into the podcast, we’ve wrapped up our walrus discussion and moved on to the subject of Bart’s Bakery and his cookie claims. But before we sign off, I tell the audience to let me know if I’m on to something or if I’m just blazed, or both. There are two hash-tags I suggest listeners can use to vote on the fictional film: #WalrusYes and #WalrusNo

Smith quickly pumped out a screenplay and brought aboard actors Michael Parks (who had starred in his last horror film Red State) and Justin Long and procured a modest $2 million budget. And that, kids, is how you get a film made.

If you don’t already follow his numerous blogs and podcasts, they are well worth checking out. A favourite of ours is Hollywood Babble-On, a weekly show in which Smith and co-host Ralph Garman chat about showbiz gossip and what-not.

Nov 18 2013

This New Clip from ‘Day of the Doctor’ Will Give You a Case of the Excites

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This past weekend, as a part of their annual Children in Need fundraiser, the BBC released a two minute clip from the highly-anticipated 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

Entitled ‘The Day of the Doctor’, the episode will feature a number of Doctors including Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt’s newly identified ‘War Doctor’. But if you’re reading this right now, you probably know this already. Anyway! On with the clip:

Saturday can not come soon enough.

To catch up on some Doctor Who before this weekend’s big event, click here!
To donate to Children in Need, click here.

Nov 18 2013

Millions and millions of minions: New Releases Monday 18 November 2013

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The Wolverine
A far better film that the unfortunate X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this solo jaunt for the steel-clawed X-Man finds Hugh Jackman summoned to Tokyo by a man he saved in the Second World War. Tempted by the aged man’s offer of mortality, he begins to uncover a larger conspiracy on the streets of modern day Japan. Jackman’s as great as ever and his action scenes are some of the best from the entire X-Men series: The Wolverine is a super-solid blockbuster.

Despicable Me 2 (Early Digital Release)
The year’s surprise family hit is now available to buy. Steve Carell returns to voice Gru, the retired super-villain with a heart of gold. When a mysterious bad guy arrives on the scene, he’s asked by the authorities to go undercover at a shopping mall to uncover this deadly new threat. As with the first film, it’s rather sweet and packed with loads of visual gags. And just as before, the hordes of tiny minions end up stealing the show from their big-name co-stars. Highly recommended for families and grown-ups alike!

The Hangover Part III (Early Digital Release)
The bawdy dream team of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis return to Las Vegas for what promises to be the last film of the ‘Hangover trilogy’. While on their way to deliver Alan (Galifianakis) to a rehab facility in the desert, The Wolf Pack are kidnapped by gangster John Goodman who gives them three days to recover $42 dollars from their insane friend Chow (Ken Jeong). If you’ve seen the first two movies, you really know what to expect from this. Watch it now before it’s released on DVD!

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger (New to Rent)
A sequel to 2009’s Nativity! this holiday comedy boasts a number of new cast members, almost certainly thanks to the fact that Martin Freeman –who starred in the original- is a little bit on the busy side these days.

Taking over the lead role, David Tennant plays the new teacher at St. Bernadette’s and he’s a man under a lot of pressure: his wife is pregnant, the kids in his class are out of control and his teaching assistant (Marc Wootton) is more of a burden than a boon. So when Wootton enters his class into a national Christmas song contest, Tennant stress levels go through the roof. And things can only get worse when he discovers that their main competition is a posh school that’s being mentored by his twin brother, a successful composer (Tennant in a duel role).

Largely improvised under the guidance of director Debbie Isitt, Nativity 2 could be the perfect way to kick start the holiday season (two months before Christmas Day).

Shrek the Musical
After a two-year hit run on London’s West End, the musical adaptation of Shrek has come to a close. This may come as bad new to those of you who didn’t get the chance to catch it but –as they say- with every cloud comes a silver lining. Featuring the original Broadway cast, this filmed version of the New York stage show is the closest thing you’ll get to the experience of watching a great musical live. Like the film that inspired it, it’s funny and irreverent. Unlike the film that inspired it, it’s packed with great songs from start to finish. Shrek the Musical is definitely a good option for a family film night!

For more of the latest films, head over to New Releases

Nov 15 2013

Video: Director’s Roundtable with Greengrass, McQueen, Stiller and more

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One of the better mainstays of movie awards season, the series of roundtable interviews conducted by The Hollywood Reporter every year always make for a fascinating viewing experience. This year’s director’s roundtable is no exception.

Assembling some of the presumptive Oscar nominees together, you get to see directors like Paul Greengrass and David O. Russell talk about everything from the creative process to studio notes and career disappointments. Check it out!

(via THR)

Nov 14 2013

WIN: £100 blinkbox credit with our ‘World’s End’ Pub Quiz

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In the final film of director Edgar Wright‘s loosely-connected Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, co-writer Simon Pegg plays Gary King, a man stuck in the past, who convinces four of his old mates to return home and relive an epic pub crawl from their teen years.

As they make their way through the 12 pubs on Newton Haven’s ‘The Golden Mile’, the gang starts to realise that their pleasant town has turned a little sinister in the passing years. In the face of alien doppelgangers taking over the planet, their mission is no longer about downing pints: it’s about making it… to The World’s End.

To celebrate this trilogy that also includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, we’re giving away £100 of blinkbox credit with our World’s End Pub Quiz!

All you have to do is answer all 5 questions on the works of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright and you’ll stand a chance to win:


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Many thanks to all who entered!

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Nov 14 2013

‘Noah’ Trailer: Mr Crowe gets biblical on your asses (and zebras and elephants)

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Having received the best notices of his career with 2010′s Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky has decided to go epic with his follow up film. Starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, Noah is exactly what it sounds like: the story of a man who builds a massive ship to protect his family from a coming storm. Check out the trailer.

From the trailer alone, it’s tough to see exactly how religious the film will be.

After all, we couldn’t imagine any major studio green-lighting a film that could potentially put off non-Christian/secular audiences. Will it play down Noah’s divine biblical vision? Instead of calling it a prophecy, will Noah simply tell his wife: “Listen: I’ve just got a hunch about this storm”?

Whatever the case may be, the oodles of special effects and larger-than-life performances from Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins should make this a film a must-see when it finally arrives on the big screen.

Noah has been prophesied for a UK release in March 2014

Nov 14 2013

‘Cuban Fury’ Trailer: Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd hit the dance floor

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After his latest appearance with Simon Pegg in The World’s End, it’s about time Nick Frost made his play for the big time. Marking his debut as a solo lead in a film, he plays a schlubby office worker and former Salsa prodigy in this footloose romantic comedy.

When a beautiful American gal (Rashida Jones from Parks and Recreation) starts working in his office, Frost comes to the conclusion that the only chance he has is to become a champion dancer once more. With the help of his friend Chris O’Dowd and instructor Ian McShane, he soon finds himself a step and a shimmy away from Romance O’Clock

Opening on Valentine’s Day 2014, Cuban Fury also stars Olivia Colman and Phonejacker’s Kayvan Novak.

Nov 14 2013

“Watch the hair!”: 11 Bad Movie Barnets

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‘Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts’ – Jim Morrison

1. Taylor Lautner, Twilight
Who would’ve guessed that under this unfortunate mass of hair, a teenage heartthrob was waiting to bust out?

2. Nicolas Cage, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Nicolas Cage’s career has been defined by a long line of eccentric hair decisions. Few of his mops have been crazier than this one.

3. Dana Carvey, Wayne’s World
Waynes World
As the co-host of a popular cable access, Garth Algar had the long blonde locks that makes ladies go weak at the knees. Not!

4. Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber
This one was kind of a toss-up between Jeff Daniels’ unkempt follicular disaster and Carrey’s woeful bowl-cut. In the end, it came down to the fact that Lloyd’s hairdo must’ve been a conscious decision.

5. Cameron Diaz, There’s Something About Mary
Something about Mary
One day in the distant future, when Cameron Diaz passes away, this will be the scene they show during the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the Oscars.

6. Tom Hanks, The Da Vinci Code
Famous Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon picked up a red comb and ran it through his greasy mullet. “Before we go to Zurich to help to my old friend Professor Winkler, I better make sure my hair looks good, like always,” he said to the attractive woman.

7. Chris Tucker, The Fifth Element
Fifth Element
As one of Earth’s most popular DJs in the 13rd Century, Ruby Rhod’s voice is his fortune. This is fortunate for him, as he’s got a head of hair that’s perfect for radio.

8. Sean Penn, Carlito’s Way
Carlitos Way
You might not remember the name of Penn’s sleazy lawyer character in Carlito’s Way (it’s Dave Kleinfeld, by the way) but you’ll never forgot the awful perm he sports all the way through the film.

9-11. Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men, Skyfall, The Counsellor
No Country


The Counselor
As professor emeritus at the University of Bad Movie Hair, Javier Bardem has scored a recent hat-trick with these three spectacular coiffures.

Which ones did we miss? Tell us your favourite bad hair moments from film in the comments board below!

Nov 14 2013

Watch: Wes Anderson’s new short film ‘Castello Cavalcanti’

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Wes Anderson’s latest film is making its debut at the Rome Film Festival this weekend, by which we don’t mean the Ralph Fiennes-starring Grand Budapest Hotel but this 8-minute short funded by Italian fashion house Prada.

Set during a motor rally in 1955, Castello Cavalcanti stars Jason Schwartzman as Jed Cavalcanti, an obnoxious American racer who happens to crash his vehicle at his ancestral home in Italy. That, as they say, is the long and short of it. Enjoy:

Nov 14 2013

Don Cheadle to play Miles Davis in ‘Kill the Trumpet Player’

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It has been reported that Don Cheadle will play legendary jazzman Miles Davis in a long-gestating biopic.

Having worked almost 4 years bringing this project to light, Kill the Trumpet Player will also mark Cheadle’s directorial debut. As is the trend with biopics these days, the film will concentrate on a specific period in the subject’s life instead of trying to fit a life’s story into the span of a 2 hour.

Set around 1979, it will find the venerated trumpet-player slowly returning to the music scene after years of illness, addiction and curiously-received electronic Jazz albums.

Also slated to star is Ewan McGregor -playing yet another one of his journalist characters- and Zoe Saldana as Davis’ ex-wife.

The film hasn’t even begun to shoot, so don’t expect to see this before the end of 2014. In the meantime, enjoy this live track from Davis’ seminal album, Kind of Blue.