Nov 21

Despicable Me 2: Minion-mania Takes Over the Internet!

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we simply can’t get enough of Despicable Me: and more specifically, Gru’s army of tiny yellow minions.

Inspired by the sheer passion of their fan-base, Illumination Entertainment, the company behind the hit films, have set-up a portion of their website to host user-submitted content: from Instagram pics and YouTube clips to lovingly crafted works of art, it’s all pretty amazing.

But if you don’t have hours to waste trawling through loads of minion pencil-sketches, let us guide you through some of our favourite fan-generated treats:

Firstly, there’s the crossover fan art…

Sailor Minion
Notya-Chan Deviant Art

Paging Dr Freud! Amirite?

The ultimate battle between two fat guys with tiny, tiny legs.

What a (queasy) feeling

Star Trek VI: The Undespicable Country


Cute animal costumes: an internet fave

Cynthia Warner Pinterest


You want instructional videos? They got them!

Make costumes on the cheap!

Give yourself a minion manicure!

Hungry? Check out these Miniom-nom-noms



An amazing can-struction!

Whoever Michaela is… good luck to her!

Eric Gentry via scontent

Domo Arigato, Bento Box!

Are there vids of adorable children freaking out? You bet!


… and then there are things that cannot be explained

This is Gru as a woman: presumably Diana Rigg from Game of Thrones
Pocket Size

(all content via

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