Nov 08

Judi Dench resurrects ‘M’ to put a hit on American censors

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Hollywood giant Harvey Weinstein has stepped into the ring against the Motion Picture Association of America after their censors slapped his movie Philomena with an R rating ahead of its US release. The film -starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan- tells the true life story of a disgraced political reporter who helps an old woman track down the son she was forced to give up in one of Ireland’s barbaric Magdalene Asylums. (To learn more about the Magdalene Asylums, watch Peter Mullan’s excellent-but-harrowing The Magdalene Sisters)

An awards season hopeful, the controversy around Philomena regards two non-sexual instances of ‘The F-word’ being uttered during the picture: “There are two f-words in the movie — you’re allowed one F,” Weinstein said in defense of his film. “This is like The King’s Speech. The movie is the gentlest, most wonderful true story, filled with humor and joy. They should just put PG-13 strong language on this and make an exception.”

If the boards decision stands, it would mean that viewers under 17 would have to be accompanied by a guardian. While it’s obvious that this isn’t the kind of movie that would appeal to 13 year-old boys in Detroit, the rating could potentially put-off an older audience. Commenting on this, Weinstein said, “Our research shows us that especially down south and in the Midwest, the PG-13 rating is very important for adults. There’s a certain group of people who do not want to go and see an R-rated movie. Usually they’re church families, and I think this is a movie that church families would profit by seeing. I think they’ll love the movie — it’s very entertaining.”

Of course, it seems that he’s a man of more than just words. Using the greatest weapon at his disposal, Weinstein has drafted in the help of MI:6′s recently ‘retired’ chief to take the war to the cinematic bureaucrats with this short video:

Philomena is in cinemas now

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