Nov 04

Is Joe Cornish going to direct the next Star Trek film?

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With JJ Abrams‘ tenure on the Star Wars series getting off to a slightly rocky start amidst production delays, it has become apparent that he will not be returning to Star Trek anytime soon — at least not in the director’s chair.

That’s leaves open one of the most coveted directing jobs in Hollywood. Many young bucks would love a crack at one of the great enduring film franchises, especially off the back of Abrams’ recent success in rebooting the title. Of course there is a long list of names associated with the job but according to Deadline Hollywood, the studio is ‘sweet on Joe Cornish‘.

Having made his film debut with  2011′s Attack the Block, Cornish impressed audiences and critics on both sides of the Atlantic with his ability to craft an impressive, effects-heavy action thriller on a small budget whilst whilst also servicing a cast of well-rounded characters. As a screen-writer, he’s also collaborated with Edgar Wright on both Steven Spielberg‘s Tintin and Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man for Marvel Studios.

But in the face of his ascendent status as a mover and/or shaker in Hollywood, over here we will always remember Cornish as one half of Adam and Joe off the telly and the radio. If anything, his work with Adam Buxton on their Channel 4 show should have made us see he was destined to direct a major sci-fi franchise one day:

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