Nov 11

‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park: coming to a lawless territory near you?

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With the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire approaching on the near horizon, Lionsgate, the studio responsible for the Young Adult mega hit, disclosed that they were pursuing opportunities to expand the brand into the world of theme parks.

According to a report by trade paper Variety, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts that he was looking into the possibility of parks in “two territories and was considering these possibilities.”

Having seen success from their line of Hunger Games merchandise (including a garish line of “Capital Couture” attire), it would seem like a natural extension of brand synergy to expand into the world of amusement parks, in very much the same way that Harry Potter did with its popular locations in Florida and Hertfordshire.

Though Mr Feltheimer declined from further comment, it can be assumed that these parks would recreate the experience of the films’ titular games, allowing young fans to systematically murder their peers with the promise of financial reward.

Since the news broke, Mr Feltheimer’s silence on the matter has suggested that these parks would forcefully separate its patrons from their families, train them in a variety of lethal weapons, before encouraging them to kill their fellow Hunger Games fans for the amusement of the upper classes.

Seeing as these theme parks have not actually been built, The Daily Mail has not yet had the opportunity to slam Lionsgate with a number of scathing editorials, chastising them for trapping minors in geodesic domes and subjecting them to deadly insects and poisonous berries (not to mention teenagers armed with tritons). And as a result, the studio has yet to reply to these criticisms with a carefully-worded press release absolving themselves of all blame.

“In bringing the world of The Hunger Games to life, we’ve spared no expense in re-creating the life and death™  stakes of [author] Suzanne Collins’ beloved books,” the press release might start.

“In an effort to provide fans with the level of authenticity they demand, we’ve listened to their comments on social media and have executed nearly every one of their suggestions (pun intended),”  the statement would probably continue, before quoting a tweet from an unbalanced fan of some description:


The press release would likely go on: “We understand, however, that some fans may not be in a fit condition to appreciate the full [Hunger Games] experience. That is why we’re encouraging pregnant visitors (and those with a heart condition) to enjoy the park from the comfort of our ‘District 12′ village. In this fully-functioning replica of Katniss’ impoverished home town, patrons can ‘slave away’ in our authentic mines, extracting coal at the behest of totalitarian government and engaging in black market trade!”

Judging from the sequel’s pre-release hype, Catching Fire should exceed The Hunger Games’ success at the box-office, perhaps even eclipsing the popularity of the Twilight series. Should this be the case, there would be no stopping this deadly hell-park from becoming a reality.

In verifiable news, however, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in cinemas from 21 November. And by the looks of the trailers, it should be pretty ace.

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