Nov 21

‘Gravity’ Short Film: The other side of Sandra Bullock’s distress call

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This might be a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen Gravity, but not really.

During a key scene the acclaimed space survival film, Sandra Bullock’s character reaches a new low. Cut off from mission control and alone in a Russian space pod, she hears a voice on the radio speaking in a language she cannot understand.

Titled Aningaaq, this short film by Gravity co-writer Jonas Cuarón pulls back the curtain on the mysterious man with the howling dogs and the infant child. We have to admit, it’s a very moving piece.

Aningaaq is eligible for Best Short film at the upcoming Oscars, which presents a unique opportunity for a film and its spin-off to be nominated in the same year.

(via THR)

Gravity is in cinemas now

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