Nov 14

Don Cheadle to play Miles Davis in ‘Kill the Trumpet Player’

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It has been reported that Don Cheadle will play legendary jazzman Miles Davis in a long-gestating biopic.

Having worked almost 4 years bringing this project to light, Kill the Trumpet Player will also mark Cheadle’s directorial debut. As is the trend with biopics these days, the film will concentrate on a specific period in the subject’s life instead of trying to fit a life’s story into the span of a 2 hour.

Set around 1979, it will find the venerated trumpet-player slowly returning to the music scene after years of illness, addiction and curiously-received electronic Jazz albums.

Also slated to star is Ewan McGregor -playing yet another one of his journalist characters- and Zoe Saldana as Davis’ ex-wife.

The film hasn’t even begun to shoot, so don’t expect to see this before the end of 2014. In the meantime, enjoy this live track from Davis’ seminal album, Kind of Blue.


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