Nov 12

Disney working on a previously inconceivable Princess Bride musical

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According to reports, The Walt Disney Company has announced plans to adapt The Princess Bride for the Broadway stage (see above headline). Collaborating with venerated Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman (who wrote both the film and the book it was based on), the Disney have yet to determine whether the production will be a musical, but if we’re being serious here, then of course it will be a musical.

With the Lion King musical still running in London and New York after 15 years, they almost certainly want to replicate that show’s success with a beloved story of giants, pirates, wizards and sword-fights (with and a little kissing thrown in).

There has been no set time frame for this show’s development –and indeed, no actual talent confirmed– but its suspected that nothing much will happen before their production of Aladdin transfers from Toronto to Broadway.

Who will be composing the music, should this be a musical (which it definitely will be)? Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler wrote the music for the 1987 film but seeing as how its generally the only reviled part of the movie, its unlikely he’ll be called on to provide the show’s toe-tapping showstoppers.

If you have absolutely no idea what this ‘Princess Bride’ thing we’re talking about is: 1) congratulations on making it this far and; 2) let us wholeheartedly recommend you watch this wonderful comic adventure. It’s funny, memorable and has Robin Wright and Mandy Patinkin off House of Cards and Homeland –but they’re all young and everything!

There’s a reason why this film still holds a place in the heart of every 80s kid. Check it out now!

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