Oct 17

Check out our brand new TV Advert!

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Here at blinkbox, we’re very excited to to present our all-new television advertisement this week. Making its debut on ITV, the 30 second spot centres around a sassy pet fish with a discerning eye for the latest films and TV shows. We think you’ll agree that its our finest advert to date and it’s certainly one we’re very proud of indeed.

**NOTE: The competition is now closed. Thank you for all you entries: we’ll be contacting the winner at some point this week. Good luck!**

79 Responses to “Check out our brand new TV Advert!”

  1. Sue kemp says:

    The answer is Stacey it won’t let me put it above !!!!

  2. Sue kemp says:

    The answer is Stacey but you cannot do it above, !!!!

  3. Chris says:

    It would be nice to be able to pick the right answer but your website won’t allow me to click on the answer…. Sigh… The answer is Stacey.

  4. kerry says:

    Funny fish

  5. V tallack says:

    Can’t input email after question on iphone?

  6. tim says:

    Can’t enter.
    Your radio buttons won’t select on a touch device (kindle fire HD or iPad)

  7. kerry says:

    Love the fish

  8. Stephanie Dempsey says:

    Quirky advert and funny, love the last few seconds :)

  9. Valentine rogers says:

    I am trying to enter the competition but it won’t allow a selection I have tried on two iPads and have same prob

  10. K says:

    Video does not appear to load when viewing the competition page on an iPad?

  11. Yvonne says:

    I tried to enter saying answer was Stacey but it wouldn’t let me add the text:(

  12. Stacey says:

    Name of the diver is Stacey ..as your link will not me click on it .?? .

  13. jay cainer says:

    Wicked fish i want one can you let me know were you got it from

  14. Alison says:

    Answer is Stacey…Cannot submit answer above

  15. Juie says:

    As above its Stacey but ur website doesn’t allow u to complete an entry on I phone or I pad. Poor show blinkbox. Fish’s voice is the guy from phone jacker – I love him!!!!!!

  16. Debbie carter says:

    Will not let me click on answer Stacey

  17. Lynne arnold says:

    Cannot put answer in it won’t allow it ??

  18. Karen says:

    Stacey is the answer, but website won’t let you post the answer.

  19. blinkbox says:

    Great spot! It’s Kayvan Novak providing the voice of the fish. Very good!

  20. phill pugh says:

    Funny advert. Would not let me enter on iPad but no prob from my Huawei phone.

  21. Julie Hayes says:

    Answer is Stacey….cannot enter using the form above.

  22. Dale askew says:

    Stacey is the answer, but website won’t let me post the answer

  23. pamela gossage says:


  24. James says:

    works on nexus 7

  25. Ruth Carson says:

    Can’t enter the answer

  26. Karen says:

    Answer is stacey but cantenter on ipad

  27. simone lee says:

    great advert

  28. Nicola lock says:

    Answer is Stacey but like everyone else it won’t let me choose it above.

  29. Carol Greenfield says:

    Like many others I would like to enter Stacey but it won’t let me

  30. June says:

    Got room in my fishtank for him and stacey!

  31. Katrina Dare says:


  32. Elaine trimmings says:

    Answer : Stacey. I managed to tick the answer but couldn’t add email address :)

  33. Angela Sandhu says:

    Answer is stacey

  34. Darren Turner says:


  35. Amanda says:

    I cannot input on Ipad so answer is Stacey

  36. Kirsty Anderson says:

    Answer Stacey
    Couldn’t enter email address

  37. Sara Jones says:

    Answer is Stacey.

  38. Thomas says:


  39. Alan Green says:

    Ipad entry (Stacey)

  40. Carol Rogers says:

    The answer is Stacey but I can’t put it in above.

  41. Caroline Toner says:

    Answer is Stacey, won’t let me enter on tablet

  42. Celia Birnie says:

    Stacey is the answer but my iPad doesn’t like your page!

  43. Kerry de Jong says:

    The answer is ‘Stacy’ please enter me as I pad won’t let me :-)

    Thank you

  44. Donna Davies says:

    The answer is Stacey. I was unable to enter on iPad.

  45. Chloe Johnson says:


  46. Mel ashley says:

    Answer is Stacey

  47. Claire says:


  48. Tracey Wright says:

    answer ) Stacey

  49. Sarah Mills says:


  50. Claire Bodin says:

    Answer Stacey with not enter above

  51. Sam Sheppard says:

    On iPad and unable to enter! Answer is Stacey :) Please count this as my entry. Thank you!

  52. Coralie Pearson says:

    Answer is Stacey

  53. Joanne says:

    Answer is Stacey, can’t add above. :(

  54. Cassie Bedford says:


  55. Caroline says:

    Answer is Stacey

  56. Sally Carter says:

    Answer: Stacey

    I couldn’t see a form at all.

  57. cheryl hadfield says:

    The answer is Stacey, but unable to enter above

  58. Claire says:

    Hi, the answer is Stacey but it won’t let me enter it. Please enter me into the competition, thanks

  59. Lisa hutchings says:

    Answer is Stacey

  60. Paul Cooper says:

    The answer is Stacey

  61. matt says:


  62. Danielle says:

    Answer is Stacey but won’t let me click above thanks

  63. Rebecca Hall says:

    Another one that can’t enter! Answer – Stacey

  64. Nikki says:

    Stacey. Could tick answer but couldn’t enter email

  65. Moira says:

    The answer is Stacey

  66. Gail Farmer says:

    Stacey. Please add me to draw as entering on a tablet! Thanks : ) x

  67. larrimie taylor says:

    answer Stacey ipad let me down

  68. Louise Smith says:

    Answer: Stacey.
    Can’t enter email address

  69. Amy says:

    Answer Stacey. Won’t work on tablet! Thanks! :) x

  70. Rebecca Mercer says:

    Answer: Stacey

    Entering on iPad

  71. Susan C says:


  72. Lou gourley says:

    Answer: Stacey

  73. Kerry Brearley says:

    Stacey – entering on iPad and won’t let me :)

  74. Daniel says:

    Answer is stacey

  75. Maria Savva says:

    Answer: Stacey!!

  76. Matt (@BubbaHoTep74) says:

    stacey worked for me on firefox/desktop :)

  77. Faye Lester says:


  78. Steven says:

    Can’t enter on iPad

  79. Penny russell says:

    Answer is Stacey, can’t enter my email address

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