Oct 29

WATCH: Disney dispatches a trailer for ‘Planes 2′

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Following Pixar’s successful –if critically unloved–  Cars franchise, Walt Disney Animation Studios released a spin-off this summer in the form of Planes.

Set in a world where all sentient beings are anthropomorphic vehicles, it saw Dane Cook voice Dusty Cropper, a cropduster who dreams of competing in an international racing circuit (much like the one in Cars, if we’re being honest here).

Despite the fact that it was no huge hit (by Disney standards) a sequel is already in the pipeline for a release in summer 2014. Titled Planes: Fire & Rescue, it will presumably find Dusty working for an aerial firefighting service — a job he actually seems halfway qualified for, seeing as how he’s designed to drop liquids from the sky. Here’s the trailer:

We can’t be entirely sure but it’s possible we heard Holly Hunter‘s voice coming over the PA system. If that is the case, it would be a pretty cool reference to her character in Steven Spielberg‘s 1989 ftragic romance Always. In that seriously underrated film, Richard Dreyfuss played a hotshot firefighting pilot who gets killed on a mission and comes back as a ghost.

Now, if that turned out to be the plot of Planes 2, it would add another layer of awesome insanity to the already-crowded Cars universe. Just imagine it: ghost planes!

Planes: Fire & Rescue comes in for a landing August 2014



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